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Letter of the Day | Exploiting the coincidences of timing

Published:Thursday | April 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Timing is everything, it has been said.

The scandalous treatment of the Windrush children by the Theresa May Government had been stewing unabated for five months.

No justice for the black elderly adult children - descendants of West Indian immigrants who helped rebuild England after World War II.

Then in the midst of the increasing shocking revelations, the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting begins. According to the UK Guardian, the 12 leaders of the independent Caribbean Commonwealth - the very home nations of the Windrush immigrants - sought a meeting on the issue with their British equivalent, but were rebuffed.

But suddenly, a PR light bulb went off in somebody's head.

The Caribbean Prime Ministers were ushered in, talks held, media opportunities milked, and select apologetic pronouncements made. The British Government is sorry for the harsh treatment of the Windrush children. Kinder attention will be given. And then thrown in from left field, the British are sorry for enacting buggery laws.

Hang on a minute ... not a word of apology for 350 years of slavery? Silence on the Transatlantic Trade in human flesh? No comment on reparations?

Just an apology about the disastrous Windrush matter and a nod of approval to so-called LGBT ''rights'. It also just so happens that most of these very Caribbean nations still have buggery laws on the books.

Students of history must document this episode as illustrating typical British political manoevering, exploiting the coincidences of timing in an attempt to 'save face'.

Thinking Jamaicans must understand that the apologies mean nothing. The empire is still at work manipulating the ex-colonies for its own political ends and moneyed interests.

Farve Foreman (Ms)

Kingston 6