Sun | Feb 17, 2019

Daniel Thwaites | Stormy Ramharrack

Published:Saturday | February 9, 2019 | 1:16 AM

People love to criticise Donald Trump because he evidently had a weakness for the odd girlfriend or two, and sometimes that has required an off-the-books separation agreement. So it looks as if he paid Stormy Daniels to be quiet about the things she knows. It may have been done with campaign contributions, which isn’t kosher. But at least it was done with campaign funds! Now come to Jamaica. We read Dr Paul Ashley’s speculation in The Gleaner that Yolande Ramharrack’s ample separation package may well have been to keep her quiet about things she knows. But this time it was done at taxpayer’s expense! Who are we to look on and judge Mr Trump now? America nuh wikkider dan we!