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Diary of a Ghetto Priest | Battling for the soul of Jamaica

Published:Friday | April 27, 2018 | 12:00 AMFr Richard Ho Lung
Saint Mother Theresa
St. Pope John Paul

And so the battle continues between Satan and the great angel, St Michael the Archangel, for the soul of Jamaica, this beautiful and extraordinary island of ours, carved out to astonish and delight the world with its landscape, and its people.

We must partake in the battle ourselves. Jamaica, known as a physical paradise, must not lose its soul. The soul is the first principle of life; the source of life of each one of us and our country. But if we do not know who we are and what we are building for, we will not be watchmen guarding our city, and we need help in our times. There is God Himself, there are the angels and the archangels, and there are the saints in Heaven.

But Satan is also with leadership; Lucifer himself, the fallen angel; the fallen men and women so talented and beguiling, who consider the gifts their own rather than from God; the media and the false materialistic values; the movies; the Internet, which is overtaken by false values; and people lost, who want nothing to do with Christian or religious values, which bring forth the values of Christ the King and Lord of lords.

So let us roll up our sleeves, prepare ourselves for the evil one and his cohorts, and decide there will be a fight to the end:

"St Michael the archangel,

defend us in battle.

Be our protection against the

malice and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him, we

humbly pray

And do you, O prince of the

heavenly Host,

By the divine power, thrust

into hell

Satan and all evil spirits who

prowl about the world

Seeking the ruin of souls,





Many do not believe in saints and angels as spiritual beings, created and formed by God, who live and are existing in Heaven, and are sent to earth to be with us, to guard and protect us against the diabolic powers, and to inspire us to do the good works of the Lord and build up the Heavenly Kingdom of God.

Well, they do exist, and, at every given moment, we can turn to our special individual angel or the great saints for help, guidance and graces.

I have felt and experienced the grace and presence of angels and saints who are with me, including Mother Theresa and St Pope John Paul, the greatest of spiritual people I have ever met.

Saint Mother Theresa is protector of those who work with the poor. "Dear Mother, look upon me and the brothers. It is so hard sometimes, day in and day out, struggling for food, water; struggling for clothes, medicines; struggling for the health and the good spirit and welfare for the hundreds of homeless we care for."




"Beloved St John Paul, you are the most marvellous man I have ever met. You paved a new path for the Church in a time filled with despair and sadness. You captured the hearts of the young, and guided us in a world full of confusion. You filled our hearts with your love. You came to Jamaica. You walked in the ghettos, you hugged the poor children, women and men of Southside, Kingston. You took our cripples, our retarded, our poorest of people into your heart. You shook the hands of our brothers and of myself. You chatted with me in Polish. You took my hand and walked with me in Holy Trinity Cathedral. Please guide me in these perilous days, lead me, encourage me, fill me with hope. I need your help; pray and intercede for me in Heaven."

The culture of death is here today, my brothers and sisters. There is so much shooting and killing in our neighbourhood and all over Jamaica. We need stability in our country. Be aware, my brothers and sisters, of the modern culture of Jamaica, it is so spoiled.

At times, I feel overwhelmed. But there is the hope given to us by Christ, by His marvellous resurrection to Heaven, and the promise that we will one day be with Him in paradise. In the meanwhile, we will continue to follow the light and do our best to serve you.